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Grace Village Thrift!
15730 Pocahontas Trail, Lanexa, 23089
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Thrift Spot

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The Thrift Spot is about so much more than shopping. We have great fellowship by sharing and listening about each others’ lives, while providing quality, gently used clothing, furniture, household items, linens, electronics, books, toys and more at drastically reduced prices.

Hours of Operation & Location

The Thrift Spot is open every Saturday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

(Except for the first Saturday in August and the last Saturday in December)

We are located at 18457 New Kent Highway - Barhamsville, VA. 23011


The PGO Thrift Spot was opened in January of 2010 at the suggestion of our food pantry clients who stated there was no source of low cost clothing, furniture, or household goods in the area. The proceeds of the Thrift Spot help to support our food pantry and mission outreach ministries.

How can I help? Volunteer

We are always in need of volunteers to assist in the operation of the Thrift Spot (on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday). Volunteers may help by sorting, pricing, displaying, cleaning and straightening items. Volunteers are also needed run the registers after a short training session.  We especially need strong backs to help with our Saturday set up (7-8 a.m.) and close down (4-5 p.m.).  One hour of your life can mean so much to PGO!

Volunteering is good for you!!

Did you know that volunteers gain tremendous benefits from the act of giving? Like a reduction in stress and depression, decrease in physical pain, and a rush of endorphins that makes people literally feel great inside.

To get more information on volunteering, call our office at (757) 741-5070.


Items not accepted at The Thrift Spot... 

Due to our limited amount of space and a good working knowledge of what we can and cannot sell, there are a few items we are not able to accept at this time:

  • Mattresses/Box Springs

  • Fabric sofas or loveseats (unless they are only a couple years old, in excellent condition and have dark colored fabric)

  • Sleeper sofas – No matter the condition

  • No BOOKS (includes textbooks and encyclopedias), except children’s books

  • Tires

  • Fax machines/Copiers/Printers and Computer Monitors (except new flat screen monitors)

  • Computers and monitors more than 2 years old

  • Car Seats and Cribs

  • Old Style TVs - only true flat screens accepted

  • Entertainment Centers that limit the size of a TV (old style)

  • Chemicals (except for paint and cleaning supplies)

  • Exercise equipment

  • Desks that are more than 3 feet in length

  • Armoires

  • Large Curio cabinets

  • Pool Tables (we do accept bumper pool tables)

  • Pianos

  • Any furniture that has stains, rips, and/or pet hair


​** NOTE:  Please be aware that if items are too heavy for our volunteers to handle,  it may not be possible to take them.**

Thank you for understanding

Frequently Asked Thrift Spot Questions

Q. Is Proclaiming Grace Outreach a part of Tabernacle United Methodist Church?

A. Proclaiming Grace Outreach was born out of Tabernacle UMC; however, it is a standalone 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation and partners with many different churches.

Q. Are donors allowed to leave merchandise under the carport on days other than Saturday?

A.  Please help us to protect our THURSDAYS!  For a variety of reasons essential to our Saturday openings, we CANNOT accept donations on Thursdays.  We have staff to assist with donations on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.  If you are leaving items on other days when no one is present, please ensure items are left in the covered carport area.  Look for the bright pink banners (coming March 2021) to assist you.


Q. Does the Thrift Spot pick up and/or make deliveries?

A. We have been blessed with a panel van to pick up your gently used furniture and household items. We do not come out exclusively for clothing.  We schedule our pickups for Tuesday mornings. Please  call (757) 741-5070 to secure your spot today!  At this time we are not equipped to make deliveries.  


Q. Are customers allowed to negotiate on prices? Are all sales final?

A. There is no negotiating on prices like at some yard sales. We are a non-profit organization and we do not negotiate. We do, however, after certain period of time has elapsed, reduce the prices of certain items. All sales are final unless they are marked with our brightly colored Two Week Warranty stickers.  You must have a receipt to return the item.