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Home Repair Projects



Providing small home repairs to the residents of New Kent and upper James City Counties.

After having established our Food Pantry and Grace Village Thrift, and after having a chance to interact with our clients, we became aware of the need for home repairs to be done for those without means. Some are living without the basic safe needs of a home (i.e. safe entry steps/handrails, flooring, roofing, ceiling, etc.)


Others have found themselves suddenly handicapped due to an accident or health issue and are not able to access their homes or the rooms inside with a wheelchair. If one does not exist, often there is a need for a handicap ramp.

Volunteer Opportunities - You Can Help!

We need skilled volunteers to assist on work projects. If you have carpentry skills and/or are licensed in plumbing, roofing or electrical, we need you. We are in need of individuals to actually lead the projects as well as laborers to help get the job done.

To volunteer, call Jack King, Home Repair Coordinator at (804) 366-2006.

Volunteering Is Good For You!

Did you know that volunteers gain tremendous benefits from the act of giving? Like a reduction in stress and depression, decrease in physical pain, and a rush of endorphins that makes people literally feel great inside. Read more about the benefits of volunteering here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a monetary limit on the work projects? What if I decide I want more done while the work team is there?

A. Proclaiming Grace Outreach does set a certain limit on the amount that can be spent per project. Once a proposed project has been approved, there can be no deviation from the scope of work the team was sent to perform. Clients may apply for another project to be done that would fall within the limit amount set per person per year. 

Q. How do I know if I am eligible to be considered for work project repairs?

A. Proclaiming Grace Outreach serves residents of New Kent and upper James City Counties. Upon receiving your request, we will be able to inform you if you fall within those service boundaries as well as meet the set income requirements.


Q. How do I apply to be considered for work project repairs?

A. To apply for a work project, you will need to call our office at (757) 741-5070. An application, that is only open to homeowners, is required will be taken by phone.  You will be asked to provide financial information and documents. 


Once all information is made available, a member of our (HRT) Home Repair Team will contact you to set up a visit to your home.  From there they will assess the feasibility and cost of the project.  Once the HRT has communicated with the appropriate service person (plumber, carpenter, etc), they will let you know as soon as possible if the project is approved.


Q. How often may I apply to have a work project performed?


A. Recent changes to our program provide a certain set amount for home repair projects in general versus a number of projects per year.

Q. Who actually performs the construction work?


A. If available, we use skilled/licensed volunteers. Otherwise we hire out for certain jobs or certain parts of the job.

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